Looking back at the last 5 to 10 years, we saw a persistent trend in technological shift that affected our day to day activities and ways of accomplishing tasks. We saw significant growth of the mobile platforms, cloud based services, distributed processing, key based cryptography, biometric sensory actions, locational driven services, wearable technologies, and; most significantly, miniaturizing of transistors down to a 1nm long gates! This period is certainly a transitional one for the way people accomplish things. It was the era of using tablets and mobile phones as means to getting online for casual or urgent needs, using databases of saved encrypted passwords to secure sites, using cellular based locational services, which were significantly inaccurate for any emergency use. We also saw the heavy use (and increasing) of mobile computing where users replaced their desktops machines with laptops.


The trend was clear and the next phase was quickly approaching. Many technology driven companies are still “stuck” in the trends of the past years, while others have moved on to start the infant implementations of the next phase. One significant trend seen was the huge rise of the use of IoT devices! These devices act as miniaturized technology platforms that are used to perform a specific task and do it very well. There was no standard that governed all these platforms but there are several standards that these platforms were built on.


IoT devices started appearing on home appliances such as Samsung’s; about 90% of today’s Samsung’s appliances are IoT connected platforms. These devices can perform many services for the user but with the same token, collect a huge sum of information about consumer behavior, demographics, and other desired data! Add Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to the equation and one gets a single connected device that supplies data to the parent creator of the IoT driven appliance. Blockchain technology may take this to the next level. Apart from improving on some of IoT’s greatest flaws, it can employ and empower IoT platforms for greater adoption; it gives the user a much better sense of security and highly desired connectivity.


We have been monitoring these trends and activities closely for a while now! We realized that the market is cluttered with technology companies that know how to build devices that serve one or two use-cases really well; nevertheless, these devices are not connected to each other mostly for that they serve a single basic function. We observed the move from centralized and localized connected devices as in a building or multiple buildings; for example, to a wider cloud based and centralized connectivity. The current IoT devices tend to be cloud based mainly in order to exchange data and verify security attributes. Ultimately, IoT devices will have to be directly connected to each other without any centralized control points especially for the security aspect; this is exactly what Blockchain technology adds to the cluttered landscape of the cloud dependent devices of today.


Connecting remote devices with blockchain technology provides an inexpensive, low-maintenance strategy for controlling an entire system without centralized storage, authority, or manpower. This gave birth to the vision of the Knoton product! We re-imagined an eco-system that has limitless use-cases to the user and to Innovo with the ability to connect to other devices using Blockchain technology. Our vision for the Knoton is a discrete and a non-intrusive way to provide security, flexibility, and safety to the user as well as the ability to be part of mission critical systems while being connected, AI driven, distributed, and developed with the latest technology implementations in mind.


With the Knoton, we will not be under the mercy of the current inaccurate GPS technology; we will be adopting the new L5 based GPS signals accurate to within 30 centimeters. There will be no more large circle showing where you might be at on Google Maps! Imagine being able to distinguish which lane the Knoton user is in! Imagine being able to track your child in a geofence that is literally more accurate than an actual fence! Imagine being able to be warned about possible sexual predators and known registered criminals automatically! Imagine being able to setup a silent alarm anywhere in any place where Wi-Fi exists without raising suspicion and instead of just alerting a security company, have audio and video data stream directly to the emergency personnel! Imagine a soldier wearing a device that can distinguish registered wanted war criminals or terrorists without even knowing these individuals! Thankfully, there is no need to imagine; the Knoton is real!


The Knoton final specifications have been shared with our developers in order to complete the scalable architecture for it. This device will have several scalable tiers that share the same exact printed circuit board, enclosure, and industrial design! This will save Innovo significant costs in manufacturing! The Knoton adoption will be very high; the use-cases are many but here are the ones we are pushing for currently:

  • Child tracking and geofencing. By utilizing the built-in L5 signal based GPS, motion and ambient sensors, and proprietary circuitry, the Knoton can react to several scenarios that can protect, track, and interact with the child. It is like having a security team with the child watching for any event that can cause any harm to the child. The Knoton is the ultimate family bodyguard!

  • Personal emergency alert and notification system. Anyone can carry the Knoton; in the event of an emergency, the person carrying the Knoton can activate a slew of alarms, messages, audio/video recording, and 911 contacting with a press of a button (or a predefined interaction modes such as shock). You are always safe with Knoton!

  • Location identification through GPS and Camera (identified on Google map for immediate navigation). The data sent by the Knoton contains location data, SMS data, cellular data, voice, and video as defined by the user. The Knoton is your beacon!

  • Facial recognition of registered perpetrators (such as sexual predators and offenders). The Knoton views the surrounding of the user looking for faces (by default). These faces are continuously sent to a backend server that uses AI to identify these faces based on newly developed algorithms and alert the Knoton carrier (as in a law enforcement officer or soldier) or parents as in baby or child tracking/monitoring based on predefined criteria. The Knoton is child’s best friend!

  • Infant monitoring and prevention of flip induced sudden death syndrome. The Knoton can be used at home to monitor infants. The infant images are analyzed locally (on the Knoton platform) to produce the fastest reaction time to the infant flipping on their face and prevent sudden death syndrome. The Knoton saves lives!

  • Home automation (with the use of the included Wi-Fi connectivity). The Knoton can be used in a home/office Wi-Fi network to act as realistic switches to perform automated tasks such as lighting control, scenario automation, shades control … etc. The Knoton is your key to peace of mind!

  • Silent alarm applications. The Knoton’s extreme connectivity flexibility enables enterprises, banks, retail places, homes, and any place where a silent alarm is needed to have a silent alarm virtually anywhere needed; inside a drawer, under a desk, inside a walk-in fridge … etc. The Knoton can be the only way out!

  • Military application as a solder wearable device for automatic identification of known and registered terrorists and criminals. The Knoton can identify terrorists in a battlefield making soldiers even safer from silent attackers. The military grade Knoton is an extremely powerful asset a solder can have; being able to identify a terrorist between groups of people is tactically crucial for the survival of the soldier. The Knoton is the shield in the battlefield!

  • Easy setup via Bluetooth. The Knoton has a truly unique method of setting up. Nevertheless, it is easy and intuitive. Using Bluetooth, the user can graphically (easy) setup their Knoton to be in the mode they require. The software takes the user input and translates it into a detailed setup internally for the Knoton. The Knoton speaks your visual language!

  • All day (24 hour) operation via a rechargeable battery through a USB type C connector. The Knoton goes where you do!

  • The Knoton is also one of the first IoT devices to be a blockchain device that can verify and validate securely any transaction as well as be future proof to implement a truly decentralized connectivity ecosystem. This device will be a first in the IoT cryptocurrency and cryptography on the go ecosystem. The Knoton is in the chain!


The Knoton is in the architectural design period and the schematics should be completed by the end of February. The prototypes should be available beginning of Q2 of 2018. We are anticipating that the software development should be completed within 6 to 8 months after the availability of the prototypes. Production is estimated to start by end of 2018 for units to be available during Q1 of 2019.

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